Eka Pada Pranamasana   /    Vriksasana
one-legged prayer pose     /     tree pose

This is one of my favourite balancing poses!  I love the way you open through the heart region and hips, while rooting down strong into the ground and releasing into a state of peaceful bliss.

Balancing poses are incredibly effective at engaging multiple muscle groups throughout the body to help us balance in our chosen position. They help to build strength and endurance, as well as cultivate energies of stability and ease on a deeper level.

Balancing poses also hold a unique power to help bring balance to our emotional and mental layers as well. They physical expression of the pose triggers physiological and neurological reactions which can profoundly affect our mental and emotional states.

Many people seem to be struggling with thoughts and emotions in complete flux lately amidst the current global situation.  This is normal and understandable, but it also doesn’t have to be your ‘normal’ or become your ‘normal’.

Purposely show up for yourself and spend a few minutes in a balancing pose today.  Even better if you can bring it outdoors, root down into the natural ground, and breathe in the elements surrounding you.

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