When we use words or sayings as a focus for our intention and energy – like the above photo – there’s an important element to include that many miss.

How do the words feel to you?

Do they feel warm, inviting, and comfortable… like a soft blanket you want to wrap yourself up in?

Or do they feel strange, foreign, and uncomfortable… like something you’re not sure you resonate with?

Either situation is both normal and okay, and each provides fascinating insight into where we are at any given time in our personal life journeys.

Many years ago, focusing on these words of love would have made me very uncomfortable, even though feeling that way was a goal of mine. That was an important flag that there was some deep work to do before focusing on this energy was ‘right’ for me.

When things feel uncomfortable, it’s a sign that…
1) this is new, and/or
2) this doesn’t match where my energies are at.

Anything new is going to feel uncomfortable, and that’s okay.

What’s important is:
– getting clarity on where your energies are vibrating right now
– understanding whether those energies serve you or not
– knowing where you desire your energies to be vibrating

Once you’ve got that clarity, you can start to purposely choose where you place your focus in order to expand and/or re-train your energies.

If something is uncomfortable and it is not a goal for you to move into that space… that’s a clear sign it’s not meant for you.

If something is uncomfortable and it IS a goal for you to be more in that space (like rooting into love)… that’s a clear sign you can keep awareness in this area in order to make progress forward.

So if the above words don’t resonate YET but you desire them to… it’s a sign you need to be more self-aware in this area in order to cultivate that.

If you’re not sure how to do that yet, reach out and let’s connect!