Expansion Sessions

Expansion sessions are an opportunity to dive deeper into our self-mastery work and introspection in a safe and trusted space held open for you to grow and evolve in a way that feels aligned and intuitive for you.

Sometimes, we all need an outside sounding board to help us see what we may be too close to see ourselves. Someone who sees our truth within and can empower us to see it for ourselves so we can make the shifts we need to make to create the being and life we wish to create.

These expansion sessions will help you:

  • get clarity on what you really want for yourself and for your life, and the whys behind it all
  • identify what blocks have you stuck and how to get around them
  • unpack deeper layers of belief systems and very purposefully shift those systems
  • develop solid and consistent habits and routines that support you in feeling the way you want to feel every day
  • create a deep sense of alignment both within your inner world and expanding out into your outer environments

In these sessions, I focus on three core foundations:

Mindful Presence

Self-Reflection & Awareness

Living On Purpose

Together we will integrate a variety of techniques including neurolinguistic programming, breath work, visualization, and cognitive behavioural approaches.

These sessions are perfect for you if… 

  • you feel stuck or limited by certain patterns of thinking or behaviour, and are ready to break the cycle and shift the pattern
  • you have a difficult time relaxing and/or sleeping, and want to be able to release into deep physical, mental, and emotional peace
  • you continue to set goals for your self-growth and mastery, but feel like you always fall off the wagon
  • you feel overwhelmed by all of the thoughts and/or emotions inside of you, and need some help making sense of it all
  • you are ready to surrender to the limitless peace and love available in every moment of the now

Let's Connect!

$125 CAD per session.

* All payments are processed through PayPal and are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. *

Want to chat about what's right for you?

Book a free consultation appointment so we can get to know each other and see if what I do is right for you!

These consultations are held in a private and secure online video conference room,
so you will need a computer or smart phone, a video camera and mic, and a decent internet connection
to participate in this call and any future work we do together.

You are unique and so are your body’s needs. Together we can hone in on those needs and
get you started on a path geared towards long-term success!

Peace Love Now is a project and concept developed by Briana Boldin, a Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Expert who specialises in shifting the state of our bodies, minds, and souls through conscious eating, relaxation techniques, functional movement, and self-mastery disciplines.

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