Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Food is a huge passion for me.

It was also something I had a very broken relationship with for a very long time.

In the past I suffered from chronic pain and illness assosciated with autoimmune disease and diet was a really big part of my healing journey.

I had to confront the fact that I had really terrible eating habits… I preferred packaged food to fresh food, I hated vegetables, I had a potato chip addiction, and I never gave myself my full presence while eating, always rushing through my meal and never chewing enough or even enjoying the process.

I spent many years studying to learn not only how to bring balance to our bodies and environments through food, but also how I could make that healthy food a seriously delicious, inspiring, and soul-filling experience for every person who sits down to enjoy a meal I’ve lovingly cooked for them.

Through the magic of the online classroom, you can now learn how to do the same with me in the comfort of my kitchen and you in the comfort of yours.

These cooking classes will help you:

  • learn about a wide variety of ingredients, utensils, tools, preparations styles, and cooking styles, and how they influence health and wellness
  • develop an intuitive understanding of flavour profiles and combinations to enhance your creativity in the kitchen
  • explore the energies of foods and of cooking methods, and how to harness them for health and wellness
  • give you the confidence to experiment on your own and create new recipes your family will adore
  • develop a healthy, long-term relationship between your food and your body that radiates out to those around you

You can choose from class themes or work with me to design classes built around your specific interests and needs.

Each class runs approximately 2-3 hours depending on the recipes included.

Here are some examples of class themes:

Together we will integrate a variety of techniques and approaches to give you the skills and experience you need to create meals that make mouths water and have your friends and family asking for them over and over again!

These classes are perfect for you if…

  • you’re interested in learning how to cook healthy plant-based food that is full of flavour and incredibly satisfying
  • you’re curious about how to support your body on a plant-based diet long-term
  • you’re bored with the basics and are craving a lot more variety in your diet
  • you’re adjusting your diet to better support a healing program
  • you love food and want to discover all the wonderful super powers you never knew certain foods had

Let's Connect!

$125 CAD per class.

Each class is recorded and the high-res replay will be sent within 24 hours of the class so you can enjoy your custom class any time you like!

* All payments are processed through PayPal and are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. *

Want to chat about what's right for you?

Book a free consultation appointment so we can get to know each other and see if what I do is right for you!

These consultations are held in a private and secure online video conference room,
so you will need a computer or smart phone, a video camera and mic, and a decent internet connection
to participate in this call and any future work we do together.

You are unique and so are your body’s needs. Together we can hone in on those needs and
get you started on a path geared towards long-term success!

Peace Love Now is a project and concept developed by Briana Boldin, a Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Expert who specialises in shifting the state of our bodies, minds, and souls through conscious eating, relaxation techniques, functional movement, and self-mastery disciplines.

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